Friday, August 3, 2012


Andrew is the Jersey Devil. White paint and black eyes. Blood (corn syrup). Sometimes.
It depends on how much he’s feeling it that night.
 How much he’s feeling it is largely dependent upon what time of year it is.
In the fall Andrew immerses himself in the role.
October brings out the best of him.
Maybe it’s Halloween.
In the winter he usually just puts a mask on.
Just to stay warm.
The summers are the worst.
Last summer someone spotted him.
He never engages people.
That’s not his job.
But someone saw him.
They had pulled over on the Parkway to pee in the woods.
It was hot. The makeup and blood was melting off Andrew’s face.
He looked terrifying.
He was someone approaching, so he stood still hoping they wouldn’t see him.
Like a deer.
A deer in caked on makeup and drizzled fake blood.
He did not blend in.
The man pissing jumped.
He was startled but quickly recovered.
“What the fuck are you?”
The man wasn’t from around here.
He didn’t know about the Jersey Devil.
He didn’t care.
He ran after Andrew and caught him.
He delivered hard punches into the ribs and stomach.
“Pervert. What the hell were you doing watching me?”
Andrew tried explaining the situation to him.
It finally took him showing the man his identification card with the New Jersey Department of Tourism.
“Oh. That’s yewr jawb?”
He was perplexed.
“Yeah, it’s my job.”
Andrew was tired of being the Jersey Devil.

Thanks to Tyler for the picture.

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