Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maybe This October I'll Get It Right

Every Arcade Fire song exists in the fall because that's when the Reverend Howe first played them for me and since then it's been a perpetual trigger for memories of brisk breezes and dead leaves. I'm sick of the summer already but that's probably my fault. No more afternoon buzzes on the boardwalk with the great expanse of the ocean right in front of me. Everything felt wide open and scary but scary in a good way. The unknown wasn't a bad thing because how could it be bad? Boredom was the biggest bratty fear to have and that was all I wanted to combat. Even all this scribbled down bullshit is really just foggy memories of good times long since run through a kaleidoscope of binges and breakdowns. 
And enough on all that.
No one is here to be heady and heavy all the time.
I don't think anyway.
October looms.
It's been a mild summer until now.
It almost felt like fall a few nights
Soon enough the lights will go down early.

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