Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MOre Snow For Your Brain

And over and over again, the worst of it's past now. The internet said.
But it still looks pretty bad.
We're out of candles and matches.
Waiting for the roof to leak.
Holy shit I'm tired.
Hypochondria is exhausting.
All the symptoms of bleary eyes and numb limbs.
Resolutions down the drain.
Too many zeros in your future.
You're on the clock.
And digging out is the immediate future.
I'm not trying to do anything here.
I'm just a man indoors and underslept during the 57th snow storm of the season.
Pretty soon we'll be equipped for this kind of living.
Like in Minnesota or Canada where they don't even use roads anymore.
No, they're all Fifth Element'd out up there in the North.
FLying burrito stands and hover-cars.
They only see the ground in July and that's usually just to pick up anything they may have dropped throughout the year.
Then it's back to North American Hover-Living.
The air is a little cleaner.
And it's quieter.
Everyone's a Stranger.
and everyone is sort of okay with that.

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