Thursday, April 22, 2010

doom beckons from around the corner

Walks out the door; still smiling, smelling of her. cigarettes and perfume. Still can do no wrong.

Still smiling, blasting that October song like a soundtrack on the breeze, down the street, hoping it creeps in through her window for a second. (moron teenage misfit)

Driving, still smiling, shaking off the sleeplessness and alcohol grip you find yourself in, hoping for a minute of invincibility.
Sleep- after the adrenaline dies and soft goodbyes. Dragging out digital volleys just to see if you can still stand me.

Still smiling.
Soul slowly sinking. Not sure why.
Fast forward to the end in my head of a girl filled with sympathy/regret but bored to death. of me.

Still smiling while doom sings it's siren song just around the bend.
And hope she's still smiling when you talk to her again.

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