Thursday, June 12, 2008

craig hates blogs

there's a commercial on lately, I don't know if you've seen it, but it's getting a lot of play, one of those 'concepty' type of ads where you have people of all races and ages and genders and walks of life, finishing off each others sentences, about all the fantastic things humans, Americans, have done and how things are now changing again, so this, you know, gets my attention, what have we done now? Apparently there has been some kind of amazing breakthrough in technology or medicine, maybe martians have landed. nope. McDonalds is now offering chicken sandwiches for breakfast. Breakfast you say? Chicken? I know, I know, but it was this same kind of thinking that allowed scientists a way into space and the moon, that allowed Einstein to split the atom,(Einstein did that right?), that gave Martin Luther King the courage to march through the streets of Montgomery, the hope that change, revolutionary change, be it in science, aerospace travel, race relations, or breakfast, was possible. Now me, I'm weird, I'll have pizza for breakfast if I wake up late enough, but having said that, chicken is not usually the first thing I'll think of, so before I gave McDonald's a shot, I figured I'd conduct my own experiment in the breakfast arts, I let a whole chicken breast roast in my oven, overnight, so that the next morning I'd have a hot freshly prepared meal.
The chicken was delicious but, didn't quite sit well,not that early in the morning, not for breakfast, sorry McDonald's, while I appreciate your moxie I'm afraid this sandwich is just not for me.
Hold on, what if I told you that this sandwich wasn't roasted, no, it was fried, and it was served on a light, fluffy, buttermilk bun? I bet you'd change your tune real quick. I know I did.
So in the spirit of Einstein or Oppenheimer or any of the nameless, faceless scientists at NASA, or King and Kennedy or anyone who's ever caught a bullet with their head in the spirit of radical change in America, I endorse the new McDonald's Breakfast Chicken Sandwich.

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